What is a "spark"?

Sparks are a way to show that you love a post or a creator on Bonfire. Sparking a post will boost the score of that content and show it to more people, similar to a like on other platforms.

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I've run out of invites!

Thanks for sharing Bonfire with your friends! We periodically give out invites to our active users, but you can reach out to me to ask for more 😉

I can't reset my password!

When you sign up to Bonfire with your phone number, you don't have a password. You can log in securely with just your phone ✨

What are Camp moderators?

Managers are like directors, but with limited permissions. They can accept new member requests, block members, remove posts, and more.

Why doesn't my Camp have a #hashtag?

There can only be one #Photography and one #NowPlaying, so Camptags are limited. When your Camp becomes active, you will be granted a Camptag that you can change at any time. ✨

I am seeing content that should be age-restricted!

You can press the three dots on any post and hit "report" to notify our teams! We'll do our best to limit this content in the future.

Why can't I post in a Camp?

Some Camps, like #Trending, are view-only. If a Camp doesn't exist you can always create one and share it with friends.

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What is a Channel?

Channels allow you to follow the people and websites you already love.

Coming soon: create and grow your own Channels.


Forgot password

You can easily reset your password in the app using the link below!

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How do I delete my account?

You can reach out to us directly to begin the account termination process. We'll be happy to assist--we process these in the order with which they are received, so please allow up to 5 days.

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