Thank you, creators.

You work hard. Really hard.

Your friends know it, your family knows it, and your fans definitely know it. You probably spent weeks—or even months—planning your personal brand, investing time and money to make sure that when your friends and family first saw your online presence, that they’d support your journey.

It’s such a hard road, and we know it all too well. Then, when you commit yourself to the journey you find that you needed more followers than the town you’re from has people to even monetize. Social media works great for the big guys, but not so well for those trying to do what they love.

That’s where Bonfire came from. We know the burning desire to want to create can also burn a hole in your pocket, and creator fundraising shouldn’t be as difficult as it is today. It only takes 100 true fans to be able to do what you love for a living — with Bonfire, it’s easier than ever to earn money doing what you love.

That brings us to today, we have to say thank you. We’ve seen your content. We’ve felt your tears. We’ve heard your frustration. And now, we get to give you the gift of Bonfire. Our community of passionate creators (nearly 40,000 strong!) is here to welcome you with open arms, and our team will bring you into the future with tools that extend far beyond a simple “link in bio” or brand deal.

Now, you can really connect with your fans, and be supported on the journey success—whatever that means for you. We support you today, we will support you tomorrow, and we will always be here cheering you on and building for you to make sure we live up to the fact that Bonfire gives creators superpowers.

Thank you, creators.

- Hugo Pakula, CEO